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Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Centre for Handicapped has served the community of disabled children in and around Gunter. It was established in the year 1995 with a motto of providing quality and free education to the children who are mentally and physically handicapped. We have been successfully training children with different disabilities and catered to the primary educational needs. We offer free special education, free vocational education and free speech therapy to children.

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Special Education:

Special Education is the process of educating children, who have some common special needs like learning difficulties, communication challenges, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, and developmental disorders. Students with these kinds of special needs are likely to benefit from additional educational services, different approaches to teaching, access to a resource room and use of technology.

To impart this special education, especially trained educators are needed.  They have to be a professionally efficient in providing special education. The most important factor which is required in educating the children with disabilities is patience and maintaining a friendly and healthy relationship with them.

Ideally, this process involves the individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials, accessible settings, and other interventions designed to help learners with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and community than would be available if the student were only given access to a typical classroom education.

Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Centre for Handicapped offers free special education to children with disabilities. We have the necessary infrastructure and teaching staff who are qualified professionals in special education.  Our unique approach of teaching the children has been recognized as the best part of our service in and around the village. We take utmost care in providing a health environment to the children.

More precisely, special education is for the students whose ability to learn varies from that of a regular child due to some common special needs. Special Education professionals provide a whole range of services and support to children with disabilities, from mobility, feeding and hand over hand support to physical therapy.

Vocational Education:  

Vocational education is training students who are having the followings disabilities mentally handicapped learners, learners with emotional problems, visually handicapped, hearing-impaired learners, learning disabled, speech-impaired learners, health-impaired learners, physically handicapped learners, multi-handicapped learners and disadvantaged learners. Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Centre for Handicapped offers vocational education irrespective of any kind of the disabilities. The Centre is well equipped with the entire necessary infrastructure required for vocational training.

We are providing vocational education to the students and training them specifically according to their base ability. The vocational teachers are professionally qualified and are capable of handling students with special needs. The teachers providing the vocational education are competent enough in certain areas like personal-social qualities such as patience, perseverance, open-mindedness and adaptability.

Speech Therapy:

Speech therapy is for the children who cannot communicate due to the difficulty they face which are very common in most of the disabled children. Some of the common problems that hold a child to communicate are Limitations in hearing, slower muscular development, slower understanding of adult language, less practice interacting people, too passive role in social life, and over stimulation.

Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Centre for Handicapped has a pool of trainers who are efficient in speech therapy. They understand the basic level of the communication of each student and follow an ease way to recognize the capability and assess the student ability of learning. We offer different methodology to categorize children into groups so that the communication process through the therapy is well understood by them and they follow the technique of learning the skill of speaking using sign language.

FREE Facilities:

Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Centre for Handicapped arranges mid day meals for the students. We believe in providing the quality food to the children. We give them a balanced diet and make them learn how to eat neatly so as to maintain a healthy environment in the premises around us.  With this they learn to keep their environment neat and clean. We also explain them the benefits of taking healthy and nutritious foods in order to maintain a fit body.  We also provide school uniforms to the students who have enrolled with us.  Our motto is to serve to the community of students who are disabled to best level possible and help them to live their life independently towards a goal.