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About Us

Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Centre for Handicapped has been established in 1995 to give a shape to the noble cause of providing quality and free education to the children who are deaf, dumb and mentally handicapped. Initially the centre started off its service by giving free education to four students. And today, after completing 20 successful years, with the growing needs and popularity of the training centre, there are more than 60 students enrolled in the centre who are availing free education and other facilities.

The training centre has reached to the level of providing higher education from the level of primary education. We are recently established degree college for deaf, dumb and mentally handicapped in order to make them independent and capable of handling their career and future perfectly. Government organizations have framed many reservations in regard to employment and related specific needs for the disabled persons.

We train them to reach all those capabilities to excel to face the real competitive world. More than 1000 plus jobs are available in the governmental organizations; the training centre is striving hard to bring those children to the standards necessary to perform that job. The motto behind the establishment of training centre is achievement of the cause that no single child who is mentally or physically disabled is left ignored. The students are groomed to become a better individuals and taught the employment abilities so that they are not treated as a burden to the society or their family.

Added to this, the students are also encouraged to participate in singing and other cultural activities where they play and enjoy apart from their regular education. We also conduct competitions in order to bring out their hidden talents and also encourage them by giving prizes. We believe that by planning the activities in such way, it helps to make the children more exciting towards their life and in builds competitiveness in them and strive to achieve something in their life.

We provide free education, free transport, free accommodation and free food facilities to the students. The training centre is shaping up as the best school and college in the village providing all necessary facilities of the handicapped. It is the ideal college for handicapped in the village Guntur. People, who are proactive towards this human cause, are always welcome to Donate funds for the upliftment of the school and for upcoming project of junior college.

What a privilege to be here on the planet to contribute your unique donation to humankind. Each face in the rainbow of colors that populate our world is precious and special - Morris Dees